Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cool school garden, Claud A Taylor

Stumbled upon this very cool school garden today while playing with the family.
It's so refreshing to see the school taking the time to teach about where our food comes from. Awesomeness all the way around! From the pallet made compost pile to the neatly aligned rows sprouting fresh greens :-) Thanks for taking the kids back to the root!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yay!! For Chuck Town and Soda City!

Broccoli Quiche ( Whisk) 
  Holy amazing birthday month. I can say I was a bit freaked out that one of the babies would get sick, (or the hubs) and we wouldn't get to go to Charleston. Thank god that was not the case and we rocked the two nights we were there. Okay, well maybe not " Rocked" it, but we did have a really good time.

I think we ate more Locally grown food at a restaurant, in those 3 days then I have my entire time in Columbia. Hey, we have two kids under three, so we've been a bit tied up.Places we ate included The Sesame, The Mustard Seed, Burwell's and Whisk. Well Whisk twice because it was such perfect morning food :)

Not only did I go to Charleston, I was able to volunteer with Sustainable Midlands at the market on Saturday. Yes, the one day that it actually snowed in places here in the south.

Birthday Dinner Burwell's
Thanks to everyone who came out and planted a tomato.
Sustainable Midlands is a great organization that helps advocate, educate, and build sustainable communities. You can find more information at their site:
I was able to top off the weekend with a Free ticket to She Columbia. I had never been before so didn't know what to expect.
It was rather fun! I was able to participate in a cooking demo! I know, right? How awesome."Let's Cook" was rather delightful and I had a scrumptious Hot Chocolate at the end.
I have so much more I want to go into depth about, but I am going to save that part for the relaunch of the website. It should be up and going sooner then later :)
With my birthday, I always tend to reflect on who I have become, where I'm headed and all that stuff. But this year was different. The only question I have is " Who am I?"
At first, all I came up with was "nobody". I shook that off because everybody is somebody. So here are a handful of things that I have decided are accurate to who I am.
I am Faithful, in more ways then one. I am a survivor, a fighter and a voice for some. I am a strong partner and care deeply about people. I have a love like no other for my family, even those I can't see. And when I ask you to join me for a meal, it's because I really like you.

Monday, February 11, 2013

"I don't like it!" Famous words of a child

Lately my three year old son has been muttering those very words, preceded by "I need food, I'm hungry."
Normally he happily shovels down whatever is on his plate. Now, if it's not asparagus, marshmallows or candy, he snubs my offering.
What is this and where is my garbage disposal?
I know everyone says "they will eat when they are hungry." But dang it, I just make a killer blackened chicken, and he's going to eat some of it!
Gotta be sneakier then kid. Ha! Yup I bribed him.
I have found myself doing this quite often with him. At bedtime, to go potty and now to eat supper.
I normally don't like to encourage manipulation with food, but he did need at least some protein.