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I come across all types of interesting products and wanted to share some of the good ones. I figured this will be a great place to do so.

One of the first products I want to share is made right here in the midlands. Back County Skincare is one of the best discoveries I have found. The Sting Stick REALLY works fantastic for mosquito bites and horse flies.
 When The Spring Flower Show came around I was really hoping she'd be there. Yes, I could simple head to the market downtown to find her, but I was there and wanted to see a familiar great product.
So when I did spot the cozy display, I made a bee-line right for it.
I was very pleased to see she had made a little Bug Bag that included my can't-live-without-in-South Carolina Sting Stick, a Bug Off spray as well as a Bug Stick. It's all nice and neat in a convenient burlap baggy. And to boot, it was very inexpensive. SCORE!!
 I have used a few of her products now and I can say they are so awesome, and they actually work. She takes great care in using high quality ingredients and providing a truly artisan product.

You can find her here;

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