Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Thanksgiving, I mean sick

Wow, so this past few days I have been out of commission  Sick with my quarterly sinus infection that gets way out of control because once again, my file is not at the doctors office. What? Really, Again? Can you hear the disbelief in my response?
Whatever, make me an appointment, I'll pay the hundred bucks just to feel better. I mean, I have a TURKEY to cook after all.
Yes, this year my mother in law has asked me to cook the turkey. WOW, that is big in the daughter in law world. I am extremely excited and start scoping out where to buy my bird.
Next thing ya know, I'm laid up sick as a dog. Do you know what happens to the house when there's no mom?
Well thankfully Mr. Mom stepped in, took off work, drove the little to class, me to the doctor and handled the next 4 days pretty on par.
Needless to say, I could not cook the bird. Heck, I couldn't even brush my teeth.
So, it was up to my mother in law to take over the relished duty she had asked me to preform.
We arrive to the house and everything looks and smells great, I haven't eaten in days and am starving! Somehow the coffee and dose of antibiotic just didn't fill me up ;)
During my inspection of her bird, she quietly says "This is the first turkey I've ever cooked by myself".
Wwwhat? Holy cow, what a courageous thing to tell me. And how much better did I feel about not being able to do it.
Supper was fabulous and the bird was something else, juicy and well seasoned.
So this Thanksgiving I was excited, let down ( by getting sick), humbled and was able to find joy in someone else's accomplishment. And that is why I am Thankful!