Monday, December 24, 2012

Whoaa, Christmas!

Hey Y'all,
It has been way to long since my last post, and I do apologize. However, these past few weeks have been.. Well, INSANE!
This is the first year of Jesse being in any kind of public program. I'm sure you have hear all the ladies talk about how "That fist year".
Well let me just say, wether it's true or not, we have been passing around a number of things. Ok, so yea, it started with an ear infection, pawned into a number of other things and then BamB! Christmas is here. All we have left is a cough and remnants of a another ear infection.
Somehow we have managed to get the shopping in. And well, this is also the fist year Jesse has some understanding of "Santa".
The only thing the kids is set on is this butterfly game. So, of course, I find the best deal and go to get my simple high of satisfaction.
I'm not one to.....hmmm, be adamant about something, but I had some my homework and that thing was mine.
Let me just say, amazon will be my friend and toys r us can, well, not be included in my world.
Here it is 9:11 and the boy is getting ready to go to bed.
Let the Wrapping kaos begin!
Merry Christmas y'all, and may you enjoy the crazy call of parenthood :)