Friday, May 2, 2014


  Yesterday morning I had made a promise to my son. Okay, I bribed him into going to school with an ice cream party. In order to make good on my promise, we needed supplies.

  We were pursing the grocery, the meat section to be percise, when my little jammed his pointer finger strait through the packaging and into the meat. Alrighty then. I tried not to laugh or get upset, but I was not indending on buying a roast for any reason. 

 Well, it did make it's way home with us and I was at a loss on what I should do with it. Just stumped.  We are out of most of my staple ingredients, which made it that much more difficult. 

 I finally just cubed it up and started throwing stuff in the pot.

This is the beauty that emerged.


Olive Oil
Fresh Rosemary 
Fresh Garlic
Salt & Pepper
Can of Pre-seasoned Diced Toms
Chuck Roast

 I did only use half of the roast. I figured that it could at least help us stretch our dollar a bit further by being a Two-Fer item. You know, two-for-one? 

 I have been trying to use less meats in cooking lately. No particular reason other than trying to change up eating habits and spending more wisely. If we stay out of the rut, the kids seem to be more open to eating whatever we throw their way. And who doesn't want more for their money? I know I do.