Monday, June 23, 2014


                A friend told me she had wondered what I had been up to since we last spoke. She said “I headed to your blog and read the last few posts”. As I was reading her email, I realized it has been some time since I actually wrote something for my own blog. Opps. It is funny how easily one can forget to take care of their own “stuff” when they are taking care of others. Anyway, I figured I would take this nap time and bring everyone up to speed on what’s been going on in my world.

                This family has been quite the road-running-group this summer. Mostly day trips but we have had a few over night ones as well. Yes, I know, summer just started, what can I say?

Our fist trip was actually before school was out. We headed to the mountains to show the kids what a mountain actually is. With Table Rock being so close we thought hey, why not? I mean after all I don’t think one can really describe the beauty of it in terms a 4 year old can fully grasp. Some things they just need to see for their selves to get the true impact of such a sight.  Jay and I have hiked Table Rock before so we knew it wasn’t something we could have our little tackle quite yet. We did however hit the base of it to show them the creeks and goof around. We also checked out the waterfall which was stunning although they didn’t think so. One day they will appreciate it, but just not yet.

Isle of Palms
                Next we had a fantastic beach day at The Isle of Palms. What a fun place that was! We parked in a county (at least I think it was county) park right at the beach. There were bathrooms (real bathrooms, not a port-a-john), changing rooms, a playground, grilling areas and even a small snack cart in case you needed a little treat. It really was the perfect spot for a family fun day!

                Then over Father’s Day we headed out for our first “camping” trip with the kids. I say “camping” with a grain of salt because although we had a fantastic time and the facilities turned out to be truly appropriate for a first outing, it wasn’t what we had thought it was going to be. We headed down to James Island. We thought we would save a few bucks and get the “primitive” campsite and really give the kids a true woodsy camping experience.
  Okay, Soo we got there kind of late, well late. It was after dark late. We checked in and headed to our spot. We parked, walked to the entrance trail and saw a giant football field. There were tents pretty much along the entire boarder of the field. We laughed at our “primitive” spot and carried on with our setup. As we were heading back to the car we noticed frogs everywhere. Not like one here or there, but like you had to really watch where you step or you would squish one. The kids really enjoyed playing Spot the Frog. The kids did great sleeping in the tent, even though we forfeited our dry run of camping in the back yard.
Folly Beach
 This county park was really geared towards families. They had a splash pad, bike trails, a water park and free access to Folly Beach. Folly beach was awesome. There was a channel that runs along the shoreline. When its high tide it fills and then it’s super suitable for small kids. I think we had more fun in the channel than the actual ocean waves.

                Let me just say that for each of these trips, we maybe spent one hundred and fifty dollars. The county and state park system is a true jewel on the wallet. Anyway, In addition to this I have had the pleasure of reading the book of John with some really great ladies, meeting a cool Bee Keeper in Sumter, eating some delicious BB-Que from different parts of the state and celebrating a sweet someone turning three.

                So there it is, well the highlights anyway. This type of schedule will continue on, my house will remain a mess, but we will be living life and enjoying all that South Carolina has to offer. May you find yourself in such a place! Happy Summer!!