Monday, November 17, 2014

Navigating Disney

Wow! Finding real food in Disney has alway been the stick in my throat. The whole Dinning Plan thing burns me too. Trying to navigate through a week can be just a tad bit irritating to say the least. 
 This time I decided to let it go and just do the best I can. I mean after all it is vacation and your supposed to eat junk, play late and laugh a lot, right? 

 We got in yesterday, later in the day but in time for supper. We are staying at The Wilderness Lodge so we ate here. 

 I was truly suprised to see a pan seared quinoa cakes dish along with several other appatizing choices. Someone has obviously made an executive decision in the food department. I ultimately decided on a smorgasbord of meat that wasn't quite South Carolina BBQ, but still quite delicious. 

 Today we headed into Epcot for a special Princess lunch. Again, wonderful selections offered in the Norweigan eatery! Seriously!! I'm not sure what has happened that made Disney finally get with it, but I like! 

 Thanks for making some changes Disney! I can't wait to share what other goodies I find this week :)