Monday, May 11, 2015

Out Of My Zone

Lately I have been trying new things. New foods, cooking techniques and now a book review.

I'm not really sure why I decided to review a book. I mean let's get real here, I can't even complete most daily tasks let alone something that will take a few weeks to do. But I must say, I'm so happy that I am doing it. I say "am" because I'm not technically finished reading it. However, I am finding myself reciting the authors words and that's kind of big for me.

LooseThe Cape - Realities from Busy Modern Moms and Strategies to Survive written by one of our own Columbia mother's, Alexa Haddock Bigwarfe and her friend Kerry Riverra is a reality driven perspective that is not only honest but an eye opener.
With help from mom's around the country these ladies have nailed situations that new mom's and experienced mom's alike, find them selves in. They also provide reasurrence through their own twisted mom comedy. I wish this book had been around five years ago. I'm looking forward to finishing these last few chapters and I think every parent should read this.  Here's is the link to buy the book. I promise you won't be disappointed!