Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting your kid to eat what you want them too?

I recently was asked to help recreate the traditional nugget that we all know and love (hate). For some reason I procrastinated for like a week.. I mean, come on, it's a chicken nugget! It should be a simple task.
Well if your me, you will break it down, tear it up 50 million times and then trash it to start over. Yup, that is what you would do, if you were me of course.
 I tested some idea's, fed them to my kid and sat back and watched. I mean kids are pickkkkky! You have got to see if one will like it before you feed it to the rest of them.
It was great of course.
So simple and yet so complex ;)

My Nuggs:

Chunked Chicken Breast
Italian cheese
Salt and Pepper

Give your chicken a bath in the egg, toss with the other ingreeds and bake them on a oil sprayed sheet pan 350 for about 20 min and flip and let em go another 10ish

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