Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Holy Berries...

I just can not believe it is May! How in the world?
I can say that this year has been full so far. Lot's and Lot's of being outside hiking, picking berries, looking at farms, It has been wonderful.
I recently went strawberry picking and it was a blast. The kids loved it, trying to guess which berry was best, and yelling "I found one! I found one!".
It was just what I needed.
The only thing is we are over loaded with these yummy strawberries. I think poor Jesse is ruined for life. Berries with every meal will do that ya know.
So berries, berries, berries!
I have found amazing ways to use them. Parfe', pancakes, muffins, cream with berries and much much more. i found that the simple syrup was the best and easiest use. I plan on making a delightful spritzer this weekend, but first I need to freeze the rest of the strawberries.