Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow! This weekend FLEW by, and I mean flew! Between The pool opening, having friends for super, driving to family and a boat ride in the swamp.. It's amazing the children aren't flipping out. But ya know, with all this craziness happening it was just what we needed and not a bit less.
I think the highlight was seeing the family and getting to break bread, watch the next generation play, and learning a little from the previous generation.
Ma ma and Pop Pop had another round of veggies for us, Yeay, and we finally got to bring them some. I have never canned anything before, but with all the snap beans I will be tackling something new. (this Should be interesting)
I wonder what crazy way I will incorporate them into our diet since this type of bean is something I'm not accustomed to. Funny how regionally different veggies are.

The drive down to manning was beautiful as always. The corn is coming a long quite nicely. Hope we manage some great crops this year.
Whenever I head down that way and the corn is tall and green, it always makes me want to stop the dang car and just run and play like a kid again. One day i will, with permission of course.
Wouldn't want some poor guy thinking something crazy is happening in his fields.