Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Whole Foods Columbia!!

WooHoo, Whole Foods has opened here in Columbia! I was so extremely excited to hit it up. I dropped my son at school and my daughter and I headed that way on opening day. Mind you, I had no shower and was wearing workout cloths. Geesh, at least I had a fair chance of not knowing anyone.
 I had heard how fabulous it from a friend that went on the pre-tour and I was drooling like a bull dog to get there. I was dreaming of all the fabulous local product I was going to discover and  I was excited to see some I was already familiar with.
We get there and bam, holy parking craziness. There are cars everywhere and nobody is being , well a courteous driver. I finally scored a sweet spot by the Basil restraunt. Sweet!
In we go! No carts, no biggy, it’ll keep me from buys a bunch of stuff. I swear it was so packed in there but somehow it really didn’t matter. I was in my own Disney world. We roamed around trying to get a handle on what was where, and how to shop the store. It was glorious.
The floor was super shiny and the bulk section was just amazing. The fish man was refreshingly smiley and helpful, even after I had a twenty min conversation with someone I ran into that I know through friends. Great, yoga pants and funky hair.
Bulk foods
It was so much to take in, I opted to enjoy what I had seen and, actually left the store without even getting the groceries that I really did need.
Mr. Mom Monday rolled around and I headed back to my Disney World CHILDLESS! I picked up my friend and we rolled out.
Parking was easy, carts available and I was still overwhelmed and excited. After I relaxed and started to see it as a grocery store and not my imaginary pantry, I started noticing things. Comparing products from all the stores I shop, looking at prices, looking at where thing come from and most of all looking for some local farmers product I was positive I would find.
I saw several items from here, but mostly not. Glad to see City Roots made it in but I kind of figured they were a given.
My overall realization was that yes, It’s a wonderful addition to our community. However, Whole Foods is not a farmers market, and if you want to shop local you still need to go looking for it. Rosewood Market, Earth Fare, Soda City Market, Kershaw County Market, Old McCaskills Farm, Ovis Farms and the many others I am so thankful for. I may not get to everyone all the time, but I do make my rounds and am so very grateful to have you in makeup community.
So I welcome the great addition and am still super excited for my shopping trips there.Shop on Columbia :)

Make your own Trail Mix :)