Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Misspelled Menu

The story of my life "Misspellings". I can remember being in the elementary school and trying out for the spelling bee. Ok, truly I didn't even really know what was going on until I was asked to spell "chocolate". Failing miserably, I left feeling pretty stupid.
Over the years, I have strived to be better. I do all the things suggested to become a better speller. I read, I write, I have even gone as far as studying the dictionary. It has been getting better over the years, but I am no scalar.
When I am writing a menu, or recipe I am super paranoid and extra critical. It's my least favorite task.
It's funny though, when I'm cooking none of that enters my space to freak me out.
So when you choose to read my thoughts, know this. I'm actively aware of the "situation". And, if I'm this bad, this far along, imagine how torturing it was to read 10 years ago ;-)
Thanks for living me despite my faults.