Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Real Vacation, Yes!

I think we have finally entered the fun zone. The place where you can actually have fun with your babies without everything being chaos, a battle or down right war. 

  We have been on vacation in Edisto for five days and today was the first time we "ate out."
  Mostly because we had hit the local fish shop, Edisto Seafood, and bought a good amount of fresh Shrimp, Grouper and Tuna.

I whipped up some yummy eats and we enjoyed the coastal vibe.

  Five days of breakfast, lunch and supper was a lot for this momma, so we opted to hit McConkey's Jungle Shack, for lunch today.  I had the Traditional Fish Tacos and Jay had the Mahi Tacos.  Both were quite good.  Mine was deep fried and paired with a cabbage slaw, while his were grilled then topped with a traditional pico and Iceberg blend.
  I was secretly holding my breath in anticipation of when the melt down would occur.
  We managed to order, get served and eat some of our lunch, before we saw it coming. 
  The fidgety feet, the squirrelly butt and then the high pitched hollers followed. It was time to get out of dodge, and let others enjoy their meals. 
  On our way out people actually commented to us how well behaved the kids were! That's when I realized we had entered the new era. 
  I have really enjoyed the babies being babies, but now it's time for kickball and ponies. 
  And of course another level of food exploration, which always makes me smile. Yay for the stages of being parents!