Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I had this great post all about our trip to Hilton Head almost finished when my husband called to say he had something fun for us to do when he got home.

With all the crazy monsoon weather we have had, the rivers is quite high. Well, flooding in some spots. Such as on one of his job sites.  He was there yesterday checking everything out when  two cars full of kids pulled up, everyone hopped out and proceeded to catch crawdads!
I could see them as he was telling me the storey, laughing, playing and having some good ol' fashion fun.

We made the forty minute drive and sure enough, we pulled up, hopped out and had our own fun! Holy fun, was it ever! There we were in the flooded street, nets in hand using our spidey senses to teach our kids.
Getting them excited to explore all that our beautiful state has to offer. Taking advantage of what would normally be a bummer rainy summer..

Before too long we discovered the sweet spot. Like I said there was flooding. The water had breached the road and made a nice bar for the critters to crawl up onto for a little break from the swift water.  Once they hit the lip of the asphalt we would pounce.
Jesse was all into it. When he caught one you would have thought it was Christmas.

After about an hour we had managed to catch a handful.  Not really enough to make a meal out of.

That didn't stop the kids from wanting to bring them home. We now have our first "pet". His name is squishy and hopefully we can reunite him with the rest of his family next week.


I have never eaten a crawdad, where the best place in town to try them?