Monday, September 23, 2013

Yup, School Is In Full Swing!

 Wow, what a past few weeks this has been. So far for the first three weeks of school, both kids have had a bug twice, we had a flushed toilet paper roll holder and one missing I-Phone.
I am secretly afraid ( well, it's no secret now lol) that my sweet baby girl followed in her brothers footsteps and tossed the phone right down the commode.

  Needless to say with sick kids, adjustment to school in general accompanied with not getting much sleep, my food life has been suffering.  You remember that post about how prepared I planned on being? The one with the great to go lunch boxes? HA! That has happened like five times, maybe. But I'm a fighter, so I can't give up. I know that I am only human and will strive to get back on track.

Speaking of getting back on track, school fundraisers are in full effect. I've figured that I can budget in some of my grocery funds to help out with some of the good ones. So far I've bought a few soup pouches and pretzels. But Holland Avenue Baptist is starting their "Kicken Chicken" fundraiser and their chicken is down right good! With the price at only $8 a plate I can count that as a treat night out. If you are interested in ordering to go, you can do that too! If you are interested in any tickets, you can email me and I'll get you the information.

Tell me what fundraisers your child will be doing this year. Here's to supporting our kids and the fundraisers they do! Ok, we do.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Soda, It's A Process!

Wow! This recipe was about so much more than making soda.

In doing this recipe I learned a few things about myself, about writing recipes and reading recipes. Writing a recipe is not a strong point for me nor is following one without making some kind of adjustment. So when the instructions said to follow it to the “T”, I took a deep breath and said “ok, I can do this”. And I did.
The first day was rather easy as I just needed to mix three ingredients, Ginger, Sugar and Water.

Over the next few days I needed to repeat and that’s when I ran into trouble and had to request interoperation from a friend.  She advised me that she was reading it the way I was, so I carried on. Mix- wait-repeat.

I had to skim white mold which totally freaked me out. I was to look for bubbles. I never did see them, except around the side of the jar after stirring.

I started to question if I had made a mistake.  How could I screw it up? It’s a total of four ingredients.

Then something happened that made me realize that maybe ones idea of what soda is, is very different than mine. After all I was thinking soda like well you know the highly fizzy, caramel colored stuff in a plastic bottle.

This Fermented Grape Soda was anything but the previously described. It was however a bit sour with a grape essence. Not fizzy, which I think is because the ginger I bought might have been bit old. But who really knows.

What I do know is that this recipe forced me to walk through each step. Being patient and letting the ingredients come together.

As I sip on my “soda” I am happy to report that I will try this recipe again. I feel like this would be an excellent party drink, but it’s really a ton of work for not a great amount of yield.