Friday, September 6, 2013

Soda, It's A Process!

Wow! This recipe was about so much more than making soda.

In doing this recipe I learned a few things about myself, about writing recipes and reading recipes. Writing a recipe is not a strong point for me nor is following one without making some kind of adjustment. So when the instructions said to follow it to the “T”, I took a deep breath and said “ok, I can do this”. And I did.
The first day was rather easy as I just needed to mix three ingredients, Ginger, Sugar and Water.

Over the next few days I needed to repeat and that’s when I ran into trouble and had to request interoperation from a friend.  She advised me that she was reading it the way I was, so I carried on. Mix- wait-repeat.

I had to skim white mold which totally freaked me out. I was to look for bubbles. I never did see them, except around the side of the jar after stirring.

I started to question if I had made a mistake.  How could I screw it up? It’s a total of four ingredients.

Then something happened that made me realize that maybe ones idea of what soda is, is very different than mine. After all I was thinking soda like well you know the highly fizzy, caramel colored stuff in a plastic bottle.

This Fermented Grape Soda was anything but the previously described. It was however a bit sour with a grape essence. Not fizzy, which I think is because the ginger I bought might have been bit old. But who really knows.

What I do know is that this recipe forced me to walk through each step. Being patient and letting the ingredients come together.

As I sip on my “soda” I am happy to report that I will try this recipe again. I feel like this would be an excellent party drink, but it’s really a ton of work for not a great amount of yield.