Friday, August 30, 2013



A few of us local foodie people have volunteered to take part in a cooking challenge put on by The Last Bitten. There are about 500 participants, and we must remake recipes from the last issue of Bona App├ętit magazine. They have assigned the recipes and I was chosen to make Fermented Grape Soda!

  Ha-ha, yup, SODA! It’s really kind of funny because a) I do not drink soda, b) I will actually have to measure and c) I have to stay dedicated to the recipe for seven days. To measure and stay on top of the recipe for a week is going to be the most nerve wrenching part.  I mean, I never measure! It’s always a pinch of this and a dash of that then, Tada’. I have a tasty dish on the same day I started.

  This is going to teach me to slow down and take care in what I am doing. Really, it’s forcing me to walk through each step with a little more caution.  It makes me smile to see lessons like this come my way.

  I have grated my fresh ginger, measured my sugar and water. Swirled it around, topped the jar with some cheesecloth and now I wait.

  I am excited to see the dishes our local friends finish as well as how this grape soda will taste. 

Here is the link to the remake;