Wednesday, August 28, 2013

School Is Back, Well Almost

Ah, School is back in session for most everyone now. Everyone except us. We start back Tuesday.

I say we because I am the one who must make the routine happen, the rigid enforcer. Gha! The hubs, is a great help in many, many ways, but he has work. That makes me the one to rally the troops in the morning, supplying their tiny little bodies with enough fuel to get to the moon and back.
I mean after all they burn through so many calories just being the active toddlers they are. To add actual play-time-with-other kids, and learning in there. They will be starved by the time I get them back.

So, how shall I over come the easy way of hitting a drive through for lame calories?
Well, My plan is to actually start prepping lunch just like I do for the suppers I make. Plan ahead, choose real food and pack it in some really cool containers.
I figure if I pack to go, then we can also have a little park time to follow the school day.. Or as I like to call it, wear-them-out-for-nap time. Jesse has long given up on his naps, but maybe just maybe I can sneak them back in. Wish me luck with that one.

I suppose that since I'll be prepping for lunches, you will start to see more kid friendly recipes in the making. Keep your eyes looking for them soon, since school starts on Tuesday :)