Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Will Eat You, Just Not This Time

I was informed that the Whaley Street Market now has a rabbit vendor. I was very excited to learn this since I had been looking for an alternative to the everyday chicken. I thought, This would be perfect, so I headed on down to snatched one up. I wasn't really sure as to how it would appear. Would it be a whole rabbit? Would I have to skin it? I just hadn't had any experience with the raskly thing. I am not put off by butchering meats so I just kind of brushed it off.

I got there and met the farmer from Hanna Hands Farm. Super nice guy and really helpful I must say. He had already barbecued some of the handy meat. He offered me a taste and I was sold. The mild flavor did shine through the traditional southern favorite treat.  He showed me his stock and suggested I start with a smaller one. I did just that. It was a whole-un-butchered rabbit that kind of looked like a chicken in the wrapping.
I got this! Oh and to play with a new ingredient is a bonus.

 As you know, I have a plateful going on in my life. It took me a few weeks to slot out some playtime but I finally did.

 I opened the thawed meat and I was faced with a new situation. I was having a difficult time visually . Not because I was thinking of the furry little bunny hopping through the forest. But because the back bone was soooo long. Long like a squirrel or other four legged varmints.

I mustered past the hurdle and tossed it in the pan (whole). Not giving it two seconds to even think about butchering it into smaller, more manageable pieces.

It smelled amazing! The cumin that was suggested by my cousin had the perfect blend for the appealing aroma. The food actually cooking was very appetizing, but then when I'd look at it I would tense up. The turmoil was unsettling. I couldn't do. I wanted to but I couldn't actually eat the whole rabbit with it's alien looking back.

After going around and around with my self- let- down, I decided I was not giving up on this little critter.
I am going to buy another rabbit and see if someone else will butcher the thing for me.
I feel like sometimes you just need some actions taken care of for you. This just happens to be my Better-To-Have-It-Done-For-You situation.

So look out little rabbit, I have you in my sights and I will eat you.