Saturday, October 5, 2013

Instagram Made Me Do It

   Ahh, what a beautiful day at the market, and all because of one eye catching photo. I'm an instagrammer. I follow, googly-eye product, like, and post. I recently started following a local catering company, Spotted Salamander.  They have posted some amazing looking dishes that call my name way too often.  They just posted a cronut, which is pastry I haven't had the pleasure of meeting. I'm pretty good at just drooling over said pictures and moving on..

  This picture was different. I couldn't shake the sweet looking scrumptiousness from my brain and had to have it. So the family and I headed downtown in search of the cronut. Midway down the market I spotted their space and my mouth started watering.
Score! Cronut in hand. Y'all, This was everything I thought it would be and so much more. So delicious that I went back for two more. And I'm not really a big desert girl.

 Normally, when I daydream over something like this, my expectations become so out of whack that when I do fulfil the desire, I am way let down. Thankfully this was not the case today nor last friday when we finally ate at The Motor Supply Company.

 The chef at The Motor Supply Company was kind enough to swap out meats for my dish. I had already had pork that day and really wanted the filet paired with the bourbon molasses glaze. Normally I would never ask for such special arrangements, but after all that I have heard i was confident the chef wouldn't be offended by the switch.  Bingo, it was outstanding. The entire dish was cooked perfectly.

  What I wouldn't do to spend an afternoon learning from these Chefs. I am so grateful we have such amazing talent in our wonderful city.