Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Big Bash for the Baby...or, Ok Me!

The Birthday was a hit! With all the hoopla and stress about the odds and ends I thought for sure the sun was going to come crashing down around my ears and everyone would be around me laughing. No really, this is how worked up I got. I mean the cup cakes still needed to be iced, heck I hadn't even make the icing. There was stuff all over the house let alone the back yard. And I had no cups, plated or really anything to drink..ugh.
It wasn't until my wonderful husband brought me back to reality. He simple said "Everyone would understand ".
 When he said that, I was thinking, to myself of course, right. I mean it's a party, there are expectations..
Then something beautiful happened that gave me peace. My two darling children under the age of three started giggling.  And that is when I truly started to enjoy the party. Before a guest ever got here, before a cup cake got frosted or a game got started.
I took a moment to think about why I get so, um, what's the word? Oh, I know, Crazy!
Well the truth is that it's not because I want to give Daisy a wonderful memory. I mean she is only a year old. Don't get me wrong, I would love for her to remember, but that's just not reality.
What I was doing, unconsciously of course, was giving myself the best birthday a kid could have as an adult. all the things I dreamed of as a child all wrapped up in my daughters 1st birthday.
I know that is kind of well, just wrong but at least I had been given the insight to see it early on so I don't become "that mom' again and again.
So Yes, people will and do understand. Everyone knows that having two young children is like rock climbing with monkeys hanging on your every limb, trying to make you laugh, or cry for that matter. It's tough to be a parent, but dang it is so rewarding too. Especially when you get to give yourself the best 1st birthday ever!