Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday Party on a Dollar or two

Goody Bags
Today is my baby Daisy's first birthday and I am "That Mom" who would buy a pony and walk it down the red carpet to present it to my queen of sheba. Yes, yes, I am. And I am ok with that, however my reality is not.
Ok, so first I went overboard on the invites. Small and sweet was my intention, but I think there more people at her party then there were at our wedding..  Silly me, oh well at least I know I can cook for a crowd and it will be great.
But wait! The kids, it's a kids party and half the quests are kids, what are they going to do?
Well, clever me, I'll make up a game, hand out goody bags and send them home all sugared up.
The game: a simple bean bag toss using a recycled 1/2 pallet, some cool vynal baskets fome the dollar store, and bags I already have! Nice. One down and two to go.
The goodie bags; brown bags tied with twine filled will a few "normal candy", some I can't even begin to understand and simple blowers and toys.
Woohoo, I just killed one bird with two stones...wait, two birds with one stone.
Anyway, I find myself obsessed with this birthday stuff. The party is Saturday so stay tuned for more on this ongoing crazy mom.