Thursday, July 19, 2012

Band of Easy Eats..

I just made lunch for the little one and thought some might find a few of my "go to's" helpful.
So here we go,

Scrambled eggs with a variety of add on' was basil, toms and some mexi cheese I had.

Hummus and pita---easy no cooking

Tortilla with cheese, or peanut butter

Bread with toms with a slice of cheese in the oven to melt

Pasta with butter and garlic sprinkled with parm cheese

Grilled hot dogs...yup even from me  ;)

PB and J

I always have fruit on hand, so that is super fun and easy add on as well as graham crackers and cheese.

Remember, we feed our kids, they will eventually eat what you give them. Good habits start early so bring them in the kitchen and have them help :}

Happy cooking,