Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Land of Crazy

I often hear people say the just cannot afford to buy fresh, local or organic.  Me being me, I took that as a challenge.

Instead of my special trips around town yesterday, I decided to find out for myself if that was just another excuse to be lazy. So Daisy and I were off to Wally World.

It was quite interesting because when we pulled in there were cops everywhere, directing traffic. (It turned out to be the thing with Chick-file.) Anyway, I had a mission and we were on it.
Veggies were first since they were right there at the door, under a huge sc produce logo. I thought, “Huh! See you can get local veggies here.” Ya, no, not so much. 

Now, let me just state I looked hard and thoroughly. I read those itty bitty labels. And not one true South Carolinian veggie or fruit was found. Ahhh, depressing.

 I did find some of my staple items though at a better price. And I also found some little jewels. When I read the labels, I was pleasantly surprised to understand what I was reading. And even learned of a new veggie..woohh! I had to look it up. It’s called “ Tero”. Not positive that is the correct spelling, but it’s a root veggie.  It wasn’t a fresh item so I honestly couldn’t give a taste comparison. I will be looking for it downtown next time I go.

Onto the Meats!! Can you say way confusing? Now, I know a bit about meat, but marketing has gone bananas.  There was so much “It’s Healthy Meat” plastered all over the packaging I could barely tell what I was actually buying. So through the digging and tossing, picking up and putting back I found some humane, free range, non hormone chicken J Was it expensive you ask? Not too bad actually. I paid about $2.00 for each breast. I was also able to find some non-farm raised salmon too....happy dance.

I wondered onto the Isle section and could see all the processed, sugar riddled products with their vibrant colors just calling out to be bought. I did not go down every isle. By the time I got to the isles, I was so overwhelmed by just the pure carnage of finding my food that I could not bare anymore small type.
I grabbed my last few staples and headed for the checkout. 

Oh, the checkout. I was rejected! Told I could not use one of the three 20 items or less checkout because well, I simply had to many items. I understand that. But there was nobody else in line. So, ok, whatever. I headed down to the over 20 section, and was greeted by a nice young girl that was singing to herself and was happy enough to keep my items sectioned together as I had grouped them.
 I am watching the tally like I am an extreme couponing queen.  Bam!  There it was, I am under budget!

I will still have to hit my usual spots for my “got to have” items, but overall I shopped in Crazy Land on the 1st of the month and found “My type of food”, under budget.

Eat real food J