Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Secret Ingredient..."RAIN WATER!"

Jay and I had a quick, kid free, overnight get away! So excited and just bursting to run around like I myself was a kid.
Jay packed the car, did the g-shopping, and drove us off to Table Rock. I was super impressed by his choice of menu items and was eagerly plotting how it would turn out. I mean the man got grass fed bison, asparagus, cherries for heavens sake..lot's of great stuff. I drooled over how I would cook with the cast iron over the open fire sipping on scrumptious beer and enjoying the hammock.
So we get there, set up camp and head to Cesar's Head for a quick warm up hike. We head down to the falls and park. Unfortunately there was a corner there. So sorry for the family.
We grabbed our gear and headed out.
It was so beautiful. The smell, the air, the lighting, all just perfect.Then it started to rain. "Ok", no big deal. We got to the falls and ooo'd and ahh'd, then some tweekers showed up! what? really? Oh dear lord.
So off we went, in the rain, a bit weird-ed out by the randomness. Back at the trail head it stops raining.Yay! Off to cook.
We arrive back at camp, get the fire started and jay heads to the shower. He get's back and I have it all prepped,. just waiting on the coals. About that time we feel a few sprinkles.  I throw the asparagus in to steam with some beer, seasoned up the meat and it's raining. Not sprinkling but now raining.

 Now, I have to improvise..one pot method in the pouring rain! Sweet pot's almost done, tossed in with onion and asparagus, and the fire is not hot...And now it is like a monsoon just came falling from the sky. Our pot was drenched, our veggies were pretty much washed ashore but thank god we has the Bison still.
So my loving husband, huddled under the tarp that covered the hammock I was supposed to sleep in, finished up our poor supper while I made a new place to sleep in the car.
Needless to say, our supper did not turn out quite like I had envisioned. It was all fun though, we laughed pretty hard at the situation.
The next day we headed out to hike Table Rock and were very great-full it was not raining and that we had some of uncle Kenneth's honey.
Tired from the night before, and kind of in a bit of shock I think, we headed up and up and up.

And this was our reward for all the rain, traitorous up hill hike, and washed out supper :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Land of Crazy

I often hear people say the just cannot afford to buy fresh, local or organic.  Me being me, I took that as a challenge.

Instead of my special trips around town yesterday, I decided to find out for myself if that was just another excuse to be lazy. So Daisy and I were off to Wally World.

It was quite interesting because when we pulled in there were cops everywhere, directing traffic. (It turned out to be the thing with Chick-file.) Anyway, I had a mission and we were on it.
Veggies were first since they were right there at the door, under a huge sc produce logo. I thought, “Huh! See you can get local veggies here.” Ya, no, not so much. 

Now, let me just state I looked hard and thoroughly. I read those itty bitty labels. And not one true South Carolinian veggie or fruit was found. Ahhh, depressing.

 I did find some of my staple items though at a better price. And I also found some little jewels. When I read the labels, I was pleasantly surprised to understand what I was reading. And even learned of a new veggie..woohh! I had to look it up. It’s called “ Tero”. Not positive that is the correct spelling, but it’s a root veggie.  It wasn’t a fresh item so I honestly couldn’t give a taste comparison. I will be looking for it downtown next time I go.

Onto the Meats!! Can you say way confusing? Now, I know a bit about meat, but marketing has gone bananas.  There was so much “It’s Healthy Meat” plastered all over the packaging I could barely tell what I was actually buying. So through the digging and tossing, picking up and putting back I found some humane, free range, non hormone chicken J Was it expensive you ask? Not too bad actually. I paid about $2.00 for each breast. I was also able to find some non-farm raised salmon too....happy dance.

I wondered onto the Isle section and could see all the processed, sugar riddled products with their vibrant colors just calling out to be bought. I did not go down every isle. By the time I got to the isles, I was so overwhelmed by just the pure carnage of finding my food that I could not bare anymore small type.
I grabbed my last few staples and headed for the checkout. 

Oh, the checkout. I was rejected! Told I could not use one of the three 20 items or less checkout because well, I simply had to many items. I understand that. But there was nobody else in line. So, ok, whatever. I headed down to the over 20 section, and was greeted by a nice young girl that was singing to herself and was happy enough to keep my items sectioned together as I had grouped them.
 I am watching the tally like I am an extreme couponing queen.  Bam!  There it was, I am under budget!

I will still have to hit my usual spots for my “got to have” items, but overall I shopped in Crazy Land on the 1st of the month and found “My type of food”, under budget.

Eat real food J