Friday, October 5, 2012

Bucket kicking

Holy smokes, where does the time go? I think I ask myself this question at least five times a day. So much has happened since my last entry tern years ago, geesh. What can I say? I'm a woman that has many projects going on plus, a husband and two little ones at home. Ya, ya, ok so I have been spending my time kicking the bucket. I have a list similar to everyone else's, but I have finally been getting some items done! Yay me. I have been cultivating great relationships, adding new experiences to the list of firsts, and even  getting a good rhythm with the whole school thing.
Boy am I ever happy to have met some of the people I have. Having people with similar values and outlooks really make life's journey more fun. So a big thank you to my new friends that bring me a sense of community and to old friends who know me well enough to keep me motivated and rooted.
Never did I think I would be recording a tutorial and posting it on Face Book. Learning the process was time consuming and down right irritating. But now that I know what and how to do it, I look forward to the next one.
We put together the recipe exchange and that was really so much fun. There was many great recipes and I am eager to try a few in particular.
We partnered with my friends from "Premier House Cleaning of Columbia" and are offering a Cook & Clean option. We did our first one last week and it was unbelievable!!
I hear people talk about passion and  how when you love what you do it's no work. I thought everyone who said that was just plain full of it. The day that we did our Cook & Clean I discovered they were telling the truth
Being able to share what I know about food is....well, not work.