Monday, January 28, 2013

Time Travel?, I think not

Each time I come to write, I think "Wow, Where has the time gone?" It seems as if I am living in some random time warp that I manage to escape, for a brief moment before I am completely sucked back in.
I guess that moment was while I was typing because I here my 3 year old sneaking around in the bathroom.
Ok, all is safe. He was brushing his teeth. How could I be upset with that?
All these little things pile up and the next thing you know a week has just evaporated. During the times I can actually recall this month, I did discover a few interesting things.
A.) I am an out right Grocery Store Snob! I found myself being uber critical in a store. Yes, they were out of almost all good veggies, bread and fruits. But I should look at the bright side, I found a great supply of skirt steak.
I hear the two sides battling out in my head! Good points, bad points and back and forth. Ugh. The truth is it just boils down to how I eat and the things I want to feed my family. I may snub the mass quantity of chicken in the cold case when I am buying it, but would never do so if someone offered it to me for supper. So, I guess that makes me a snob with manners?
Anyway, my point is, Shop at a grocery that fits your family. If it's important for you to have grass fed beef, or free range eggs shop where you know you can get them.
If not use the paper to find the best deal :) Just make your food, the way you like it.
B.) I need to listen more. My friend has told me over and over about using different products to clean, places to find deals ect. Only this past week, when everyone in the house was sick with that nasty virus, and I was out of carpet cleaner, did I decide to listen to her.
I opted to use her Vinegar and Water tactic to clean the puked on carpets. Holy macaroni it was awesome. I did have to take a bit more time to get it all out, but it really worked great. ( I also added peppermint oil, so it smells like a giant peppermint patty. So word of advice, go easy on the oil.)
C.) Becoming a mother was one of the most difficult transitions I have yet to deal with. The unspoken social changes that occur are unlike anything I care to explain. Having found a group of women that understand and acknowledge the changes is the best gift.With that, I'd like to thank those who have helped, encouraged and rooted me on. I am so grateful.