Monday, February 11, 2013

"I don't like it!" Famous words of a child

Lately my three year old son has been muttering those very words, preceded by "I need food, I'm hungry."
Normally he happily shovels down whatever is on his plate. Now, if it's not asparagus, marshmallows or candy, he snubs my offering.
What is this and where is my garbage disposal?
I know everyone says "they will eat when they are hungry." But dang it, I just make a killer blackened chicken, and he's going to eat some of it!
Gotta be sneakier then kid. Ha! Yup I bribed him.
I have found myself doing this quite often with him. At bedtime, to go potty and now to eat supper.
I normally don't like to encourage manipulation with food, but he did need at least some protein.