Friday, May 3, 2013

Out Past Eight??

Last night was a treat from heaven! We went out to supper as a couple, without our children! This last took place in February so literally it happens "once in a blue moon."

My mother-in-law was kind enough to take the kids for, not one, but two nights! After a quick scramble of finding clothes, toothbrushes, and well, Jesse's entire toy box and bedding, we were off to Manning! I was back in no time, and the grownups were off to supper.

In a bit of shock, we found DeLucca's Italian Grill and headed in. The girl that served us was awesome. I'm kind of a stickler for good service; there's something about having done a job that makes me have really high expectations. Sometimes unrealistic expectations. Anyway, she was great.

She filled us in on the specials and proceeded to explain that they have flavored butter that comes with the fresh-made bread. WHAT? Flavored butter? Yeah, it was peach, and I wanted to lick every last bit off the plate; it was so good.

As we looked over the menu, I asked Jay what he was leaning toward. He had the sweetest response: "It all sounds good, but I know it's not going to be as good as what you cook". He proceeded to say that it's stuff I would normally make on a Wednesday night.

This is so sweet, but not very true. There was a ton of stuff on the menu that I have no idea how to cook. We ordered, ate, and laughed at ourselves. I mean, after all, we were just talking about our silly kids.

You would think that we would talk about something more worldly, friends, or future happenings. Nope, just the response we'd get out of our three-year-old if I went to pick him up and had bleach-blond hair.

As we got in the car, we realized it was 8:30 and giggled as if we were out past curfew. We called the kids to say goodnight and headed home.