Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Toddler Hell!

Today, I felt like a crazy mother. You know, the one you see that never has it together. Kids crying, snot running, people judging. You know, I know you know.
Jesse has reached the "stage" of, I'm doing it "my way".
We started the day great! We made smoothies and eggs for breakfast. He told me what he wanted to wear, and even managed to hit the garden store with out major issues.
Then, after pulling into targe', it happened! Meltdown!
"Oh dear lord, please help me"! Stay strong, firm and remember "you can do it"!
After the shopping cart cry-out, and the return desk bawling we moved onto the carseat catastrophes. Yup, multiple!
After about thirty minutes of battle, a nice lady offered her assistance.
Funny enough just recently I blasted a lady for trying to help.
Today was different. We were at the car, daisy in her seat and Jesse flipping his lid like I was beating him. I was mortified. Mostly because I wasn't doing the normal things I would do.
I was being judged by everyone!
She simply asked if she could help, and I was at the comical stage of helplessness . I asked " Can you get a three year old in a carseat?"
Deep breath. Never in a million years did I think I would seek help from a complete stranger.
I was at my end.
Together we got him in and then prayed together. Asking for peace for the both of us.
In the middle of the parking lot, I realized that, as mothers we band together.
There is a gentle, unspoken commonality that we understand about each other.
Next time you see that mom having a meltdown, or her child is, I suggest doing what this lady did.
take note, then if you feel moved, offer help. In a kind and gentle way.
After the nice lady, it continued. He wanted control. We pulled over several times. Me, strong arming him back into the buckle.
At one point, only a mile from the house, pulled over (again), a man came and asked if everything was "ok?"
I simple said "yup, battling it out with my three year old".
He laughed and stated "I wouldn't win that battle".
"Oh, I'm winning today"! And I did.
I managed to swindle him in and get to the house. It only took me 2 hours for a 20 minute ride, But I won! We were home, safe. And Jesse was as normal as if we had just pulled out for the day.