Monday, July 29, 2013

Raw Food

Over the past few months I have seen and heard tidbits about the Raw Food way of life.
I am not at all familiar with this way of eating, so I naturally thought everything is completely raw and that is that.

Well That is not the case at all. From what I understand foods can actually be heated, just not greater than 115 degrees.The understanding is that once food is heated above the 115 degrees, it can lose a major part of its nutrients and is more difficult for the body to absorb the enzymes.

After seeing that a Raw Food restaurant had opened I couldn't resist going to check it out.

The Good Life Cafe located on Leaphart Rd in West Columbia was all that I had hoped it would be and more.
The staff was so sweet and caring. They knew the menu and even offer suggestions. Needless to say I was so excited by this point that I could hardly contain my smile.
I ordered the Burger with a side of kale and fruit. As I waited to see my plate, I read Sharon's story about how she came to opening such a unique place.

I was personally moved by the road she has traveled. Come to find out we actually have similar paths. Both our lives have been touched by cancer.

When the food came, my excitement jumped a notch. I am not really sure what I thought it would look like. All in all, it looked like a burger and I was ecstatic to to devour every bit of it.
The flavor was bright and refreshing. The warmth was a pleasant surprise. The texture, firm and delightful. The sides were as amazing as the burger itself, sweet and just ripe.
The care that went into making this meal was very apparent and I truly appreciated it.

I definitely recommend giving this spot a try. I mean, after all I pretty much licked my plate.

AHH, Good, Clean, Real Food..... Finally!