Friday, August 2, 2013

Changing Lanes

I have spent a good amount of time moving.  Moving like pack-all-your-stuff moving.  I think I had moved about four times by the age of seven. At least those are the ones I can recall. I had an unstable foundation. We always stayed in the same area just swapped houses or trailers.
Yup, I was that kid. I was the kid that counselors didn’t talk to about going to college. I lived in hand-me-downs and everyone thought I would stay in our hometown forever.
I am glad I was able to prove those people wrong about me. You see, I left when I was nineteen and went to college. It wasn’t for me at that time so I hopped a flight and moved to Germany.
When I was childless, it was easy to just get up and go. Go explore all the world had to offer, and I did. I cherish the different places I have lived. I really was a bit of a gipsy as my step mother would say.
When the hubs and I moved to Cayce we had only planned on staying for a year or two at most. We wanted to set our roots but were not sure of which area would best suit us. I mean now we have kids, and there is so much to plan for.
Where are the best schools? What’s the economic outlook looking like? Can I get a job should I need to? How is the traffic? So much more to process then back in my carefree unattached days.
Well almost four years later the time has come for us to get it together. We are renting our place and it’s time to move on. We have a pretty good idea of where we want to be. This being the last move we plan on making. I am thanking god for that. I would be riddled with chaos if we didn’t have at least that going for us.
I have been a bit overwhelmed with the very real fact I will have to go back to a job. I’m freaked out about having to put the kids in daycare. I am more freaked out that daycare is so crazy expensive. I have been a mom for the last few years. I love it. As much as I get stressed out by them, I really do want it to be me with them all day. But the simple fact is our family cannot survive on the state salary the hubs makes, especially when retirement continues to rise and raises just aren’t there.
I know there are many, many people that go to work every day. Dropping their sweet babies off at the place they have so much fun. I know this. But it doesn’t change my feelings of anxiety. I guess it’s time to pull up my big-girl-panties and do what needs to be done.

Let the packing begin!