Friday, December 27, 2013

The Wheels Are Turning

  It's not quite January but I am already plotting how I'm going to tackle this springs garden. This will be my first early garden so It should be eventful.

  I am hoping to apply what I learned from the summer garden, but apparently this past summer was out-of-the-normal for gardens. This is just the thing that would come my way. I always seen to try a first when everything is all out-of-whack. Technically I think it might actually be a good thing. I mean the more hurdles that are tossed my way just forces me to learn even more.
Cross Pollinated Cucumber

  A few things I learned last year are not to plant some plants by others or they will cross pollinate. For
example; don't plant cucumbers by zucchini.You will get these funny gourd looking cucumbers.
Another tips is to make sure to net your berries or they will be swallowed by the birds.
I also opted not to make raised beds and that will not be happening again.
Beautiful Raised beds a River Banks Zoo

 Being that we have fresh ground to work with, we have a few big projects ahead of us. One being the beds. I must work on that shortly or I might miss my window for planting. I'm such a procrastinator about the things that I think won't take that long.

I feel like I already have a jump on the planning though. I have my seed source ordered, my garden mapped (mostly) and a watering system plotted.

I actually think I might pull out a calender and write out my plan. Go me! That is definitely a first. Here's to getting organized.

A few fun things to look forward to;

11 January Seed Swap at  701 Whaley 10:30-1:00

Smokin at the Farmers Market
“Commissioners Cup”

BBQ Cook Off and Festival
sanctioned by the Southern BBQ Network (SBN)
March 21 & 22 
State Farmers Market