Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Who's YOUR'S?

I am doing my first ever presentation on where to find local food next week. I know where I find it, and know the farmers I buy from, but I also know that there are a ton of other farmers that I haven't made it around to, yet. I don't want to leave them out.

These last few years I have met some really great people in the farming community that value life in the same matter that I do. I have found a number of people that care where their food comes from, and how their dollar can benefit our local economy. I am confident you are one of the same.

 My time has very limited as I have two children that demand (and rightfully so) most of my attention. Thankfully I have integrated them into my calling and they help me along the way. But today they cannot help me, so I come to you from my laptop that is missing 13 keys, to ask for your help. As a comminity, a loving friend or someone that just knows...I ask who's your favorite farmer?

Help me, help people to want to support our local farmers.

Yours Truly,